Low cost

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The advantage of mediation is that it is cheap compared to trial proceedings.

The cost of out-of-court mediation is to be set out in an agreement between the mediator and the parties.

The cost of mediation carried out as a result of referral by the court is defined in the Regulation of the Minister of Justice of 30 November 2005. (Journal of Laws of 7 December 2005).  In cases regarding property rights mediator's remuneration is 1% of the value of disputed object, however no less than PLN 30 and no more than PLN 1,000.00. In cases involving property rights, where the value of the object of dispute cannot be determined, and those involving moral rights, the remuneration for mediator for the first mediation session is PLN 60.00, while for each subsequent session is PLN 25.00.

If a settlement is reached in the mediation process, the court will reimburse 3/4 of the fee paid on the lawsuit.


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